Mother Easter Has News!

Mother Easter,
Thank you so much for your monetary and food contributions towards our Thanksgiving boxes. The ten families that received these boxes, were truly thankful. Thanks again.
Keesha Reynolds
Missionary Society

Hello Mother Easter,
The Thanksgiving Food Drive will continue on Sat., Nov. 21st, from 10am-12pm; church’s parking lot. At this time, we are only asking for canned goods, bread, and non-perishable produce.
Keesha Reynolds

Reminder: Thanksgiving Food Drive: Sat., Nov. 14th & 21st; 10am-12pm. Location: MEBC’s parking lot. Items needed: hams, turkeys, a variety of canned goods, stuffing, bread, rolls...
Thank you,
Keesha Reynolds

Hello Mother Easter,
Mission Thanksgiving is underway. Please see the attachment.
Thank you
Keesha M. Reynolds

Revised senior list. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Mother Easter’s 2020 Seniors!
Please open the attachment!