A Synopsis of the Church's History:

Mother Easter Baptist Church was founded in 1894 by Rev. James O. Kelley, Alex Deberry, C.W. Hall, Sim Baker, Will Peterson and R.W. Ramsey. The original site was on a 1875 foot lot located in Northeast Moultrie near the Tifton-Thomasville, Georgia Railroad Company.

The church is named in honor of the woman(Mother Easter) who gave the founders permission, before the original site was built, to hold services in her home. Today information about Mother Easter is limited; however, it is believed that she is the same Easter Smith on the 1900 population census for Colquitt County whom records corroborate was a sixty-five year old widow who owned her own home and worked as a domestic in the home of Daniel Horne.


Rev. James O. Kelley was the first pastor of the church. He was a dynamic minister and worked diligently to build his congregation. In 1898, Rev. Kelley resigned and George H. Hunter became the second pastor. In 1903 there was a fire and a new church was built on Third Street and services were held on first and third Sundays.

On January 25,1905 the new church and the pastor's home was destroyed by a fire. On March 17, 1906, conference convened and the members decided to construct a new church. On March 22, 1906, the property on the corner of Second Avenue and Fourth Street Northwest, where the historic church now stands, was purchased from Issac M.D. Turner.

Rev. Hunter died and on April 15, 1924 and the Rev. Scott became pastor from June to July, 1924. In March, 1925, Rev. R.D. Arline became pastor. In January, 1938, Rev. H.W. Wilburn was installed as pastor. Rev. Thaddeus Williams, a chaplain in the U.S. Army, stationed at Spence Field became pastor in August, 1942,but he was only able to serve one month due to military obligations. 

In October,1942, Rev. J.J. Strickland became the pastor. During Rev. Strickland's fifteen years of ministry, 250 people joined the church. Significant accomplishments were made in the 1950's; the church was remodeled and an annex was added.

In 1958, Rev. H.C. Boyd became pastor and although his tenure was short it was fruitful. Mother Easter began having three services instead of two.

In late 1959, Rev. A.E. Isaacs was named pastor.

In June of 1962, the Rev. Emory Harrison Hopkins, assumed the pastorship of Mother Easter Baptist Church. He was the first full time pastor in the history of the church. Under his leadership, the members became inspired and dedicated to making the vision of a new church a reality.

The present church structure was completed and dedicated to the service of the Lord in May, 1985. The Emory Harrison Hopkins Fellowship Hall was completed and dedicated on October 18, 1998. A multipurpose building was erected and dedicated for service in 2006.  

In June of 2009, Rev. Hopkins retired as pastor of Mother Easter after 47 years. Upon his retirement, he became Pastor Emeritus of this church.

In July of 2009, God sent Mother Easter yet another powerful messenger, the Rev. Freddie L. Castle.

Rev.Castle along with his loving and dedicated wife Mrs. Margie H. Castle and their children remain as Mother Easter's first family to date.

Mission Statement: The Mission of the church is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, evangelism, mission, and teaching/preaching and to fulfill the Great Commission as given to us by Christ himself.

Vision: The vision of the church is to be a global ministry proclaiming the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in deed; utilizing audio and visual streaming in order for souls to experience the saving power of God through Jesus Christ.  

What We Believe:

We believe the only way to have eternal life in heaven with God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

We believe Jesus left His throne in heaven and walked this earth as a perfect sinless man.

We believe Jesus died on the cross at Calvary for the sins of mankind and by His sacrificial shed blood He paid the penalty for our sins.

We believe Jesus has been resurrected and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. We believe in the ministry of the God, the Holy Spirit on earth today.

We believe God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one.

We believe the Word of God is holy, written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit, infallible and the inerrant Word of God.

We believe the devil is real but not all powerful, not all-knowing and ultimately will be cast down forever when Jesus returns.

We believe Jesus will return to earth again and gather together His church, the body of believers in Him.

We believe in and practice two ordinances in the church, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.